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Health care associated infections (HAIs) are infections that patients acquire during the course of receiving treatment for
other conditions.  CDC estimated that in hospitals alone, HAIs account for an estimated 2 million infections, 90,000
deaths, and $4.5 billion in excess health care costs annually.  Since 2002, 47 states have enacted legislation mandating
hospitals and health care organizations to publicly disclose HAI rates.  Several legislative efforts are underway in
several other states.  As a result healthcare facilities have taken significant steps to put in place infectious control
measures to stem the course and reduce HAIs.

Environmental disturbances caused by construction and/or renovation and repair activities (e.g., disruption of the
above-ceiling area, running cables, and structural repairs) in and near healthcare facilities markedly increase the
airborne Aspergillus spp. Spore counts in the indoor air of such facilities, thereby increasing the risk for
health-care-associated aspergillosis among high-risk patients.  Other concerns during construction should include dust
control, moisture incursion, indoor air quality, noise levels and vibrations.
What Can Be Done?

Proactive strategies can help prevent environmentally mediated airborne infections in health-care facilities during
demolition, construction, and renovation.  AAR Incorporated can assist in completing the following key recommendations
made by the CDC:

        Infection-control impact of ventilation system and water system performance;
        Establishment of a multidisciplinary team to conduct infection-control risk assessment;
        Use of dust-control procedures and barriers during construction, repair, renovation, or demolition
        Environmental infection-control measures for special care areas with patients at high risk;
        Use of airborne particle sampling to monitor effectiveness of air filtration and dust-control measures.

AAR Incorporated has put in place Infectious Control measures in several healthcare facilities for years and can do so for
you.  We have worked for healthcare facilities directly as well as General Contractors performing the work.  We are up to
date with new emerging technologies.  We are members of the Association for Professionals in Infectious Control and
Epidemiology (APIC).  We can assist you in finding the appropriate response to your needs.
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